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How to Reduce the Risk of a 2nd Concussion

Sustaining one concussion is bad enough. Two concussions back to back can be catastrophic. Sustaining a second concussion before you recover completely from the first concussion can drastically increase symptoms and decrease quality of life. Unfortunately, the risk for a second concussion is increased if symptoms include dizziness, loss of balance, difficulty concentrating, and visual disturbances. Keep reading for tips on reducing the risk for a second concussion.

Choose Your Activities Wisely.

  • Eliminate the risk for contact/impact. Resume non-contact sports like tennis, golf, and running instead of soccer, football, and lacrosse as you continue to heal from the first concussion.

  • Wear a helmet. Specifically a helmet designed to reduce rotational forces on impact such a MIPS (multi-Directional Impact Protection System). Learn more about this technology here:

  • Control your environment. Reduce the chances of falling, colliding, or slipping by attending events and scenarios at off-peak times, wearing appropriate shoes, and using trekking poles or other assistive devices as needed.

Work on Balance (Safely).

Seek Care for Your Concussion Symptoms.

  • Visual processing disturbances are common with Post Concussion Syndrome. This can be improved with appropriate visual processing exercises.

  • Vestibular impairments are also common with Post Concussion Syndrome. Appropriate exercises (vestibular rehabilitation physical therapy) can promote adaptation and habituation to reduce symptoms and improve function. Learn more about the Vestibular system here:

For questions, or to schedule an appointment, email me directly ( or visit the website:


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