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Yoga Therapy

Physio, Yoga & Wellness believes yoga is for everyone!  We are here to help you start practicing yoga for the first time or to improve your current practice.

As certified yoga teachers and licensed physical therapists, yoga with us is far from average!  We have a unique combination of skills and training to help you safely perform yoga with the best form and alignment.  

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Private Yoga Therapy Class

  • One-on-one, personalized yoga class taking into account your yoga experience, previous injuries, current aches and pains, and yoga goals

  • Classes include breath work, dynamic warm-up, asana practice, cool down, and savasana 

Yoga Visit 

Focus on joint health, appropriate progression, building strength, improving mobility and flexibility and injury prevention:

  • Strength and flexibility assessment

  • Asana modifications for your unique body

  • Step-wise progression plan to achieve asana goals

Visits can include practice of:

  • Asana: specific yoga poses

  • Pranayama: breathing practice

  • Meditation: mindfulness practice


Physio to Help Your Yoga Practice

  • In-depth knowledge of anatomy and how the body moves in each asana to help you efficiently build strength and mobility

  • Focus on important alignment to help you practice safely

  • Comprehensive understanding of injuries and yoga

    • Preventing common yoga injuries

    • Yoga for injury rehabilitation

    • Return to yoga following injury​ or a period of rest

  • Bridging the role of pain science and the mind/body connection of yoga


Learn more about our other services

Yoga and Arthritis

A well-rounded yoga program for those with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis improved pain by 40%. Participants also demonstrated overall improvement in arthritis symptoms, physical fitness, psychological functioning, and health-related quality of life.
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