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'Yoga for Dizziness'
On-Demand Video Library

Rent an individual class or sign up for a subscription/membership to access all Level 1 or 2 classes (includes meditation classes) or the Fall 2022 Yoga for Balance series.  After purchase, you will have unlimited access to the video(s) for 100 days (Level 1 & 2) or 365 days (Fall 2022 Yoga for Balance). 


Level 1 classes are perfect for those experiencing elevated symptoms or are new to yoga. We take things slow and provide a plethora of cues for movement, body scans, and helpful tips.

Level 2 classes involve increased movements and positions to challenge the sensory system at a higher level. 

Meditation classes allow for an opportunity to practice mindfulness through body scans, breathing, and cuing to reduce nervous system sensitivity and reduce symptoms.

Fall 2022 classes include foundational yoga, meditation, gentle yoga and Q & A providing a holistic and complete approach to healing dizziness.  

All classes were recorded live with a group of participants; videos are unedited & unenhanced, capturing the “feel” of the live practice. They are viewed best on your computer or tablet.

For personalized and one-on-one Yoga Therapy sessions, available in-person in Denver, CO and online via Zoom, schedule here.

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