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Personalized Running &
Strength Programs

What are you training for?  Whether it is for a specific race and goal time, or just "getting in shape", we're here to help you reach your goals.

Physio, Yoga & Wellness believes in taking a proactive and integrative approach to being healthy and happy.  We use our extensive training in strength and conditioning (CSCS) and physical therapy (DPT) to develop holistic and comprehensive plans.  We look at physical, emotion and social wellness of the whole person because there isn’t a one-size-fits-all model for being healthy.

Additionally, we use our knowledge as Certified Nutritional Physical Therapists (CNPT) to provide evidence-based diet and food recommendations to help you optimize recovery, reduce pain, and alter inflammation.  We help you improve your health and teach you tools to maintain it.

Who Can Benefit From Personalized Running and Strength Programming? 

  • Runners & triathletes training for a specific race 

  • Recreational & "weekend warrior" athletes looking to up their game

  • People new to exercises who want to become more active

  • People with prior injuries that are active and strive to stay injury free

  • Someone invested in their health but needs help getting started

  • Anyone who has hit a plateau with their current plan

  • "Graduates" from physical therapy who still need help to return to desired activity levels

  • People seeking accountability and encouragement 

Programs Can Include:

  • Running plans for new or seasoned runners looking to run faster and/or farther while minimizing injury risk.  From 5k to Ultras, sprint triathlons to Ironman, and neighborhood walks to multi-day hiking adventures - we can make a plan for you!

  • Strength and balance to reduce injury risk and improve movement efficiency

  • Sport performance exercises specific to your movement patterns

  • Healthy eating guidance 

  • Sleep pattern recognition and improvement

  • Stress management tools

  • Mindfulness strategies

  • Lifestyle changes to promote healthy living 

What are you training for?

Schedule an appointment for an initial 60 min consult or email us directly to get started with a custom plan for your needs, goals and lifestyle:


*Please note: This is not intended to replace physical therapy or the need for supervision during exercise. You are exercising at your own risk.  We are here to help you adjust your program if something does not feel right, is painful, or is too difficult. We are here to help you be safe as you work towards your goals!

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Biological and Psychological Benefits of Exercise

Physical exercise determines positive biological and psychological effects that affect the brain and the cognitive functioning and promote a condition of wellbeing. Physical exercise plays an important role in counteract normal and pathological aging.
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