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Yoga for Dizziness

Find your balance & heal your dizziness with neuroplasticity focused yoga and meditation classes. 


Dizziness can come in many forms such as spinning, feeling "pulled" to one side, a general sensation of feeling "off", woozy, lightheaded, and so many more.  Whatever you're feeling, dizziness can be a scary and unsettling sensation.  We are here to help that.  

Common diagnoses that can benefit from Yoga for Dizziness: 
History of BPPV (benign paroxysmal vertigo), post-concussion/mild TBI, vestibular migraines, PPPD (persistent postural perceptive disorder), history of whiplash/neck pain, unilateral and bilateral vestibular hypofunction, Meniere's, vestibular neuritis or labyrinthitis, and many more.

Is Yoga for Dizziness right for you?
We foster an environment for openness, trust, and healing.  Along with different levels to choose from, we offer modifications throughout the practice to ensure that you are safe and comfortable.  If you have any questions please reach out directly via email at

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About Yoga for Dizziness
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On-Demand Video Library

Pre-recorded classes for Level 1 Yoga, Level 2 Yoga, Meditation & Fall 2022 series are available to watch and heal with at your own convenience.


Dr. Jess Klain PT, DPT, RYT

Personal experiences with injury (and surgeries!) as a teenager and adult shaped my passion for helping others. Regular exercise, healthy eating and yoga practice are all part of my daily life - and I love sharing it with others!

I use my in-depth knowledge of the body and brain to help guide you through your healing process via a holistic approach to healing and neuroplasticity.

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Kristen Elise BS, RYT

As someone who has struggled with chronic vestibular symptoms, I deeply understand the fear and despair that can come along with. I know how these conditions and symptoms have a way of making you feel very alone. After achieving full recovery, I decided to make it my mission to serve the vestibular community more widely. I am here to walk alongside you and share the most powerful and impactful modalities so you can achieve the wellness and balance you desire.

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"Jess is a great teacher. I know something about this as I was a teacher for 30 years and also taught teachers in college in teacher preparation and methodology. So I like how Jess broke things down into small bits, and moved us along slowly, and built on lessons."


"It’s an emotional journey . Being able to trust your body again is just the best feeling. Thank you or creating a safe place that encourages us to push a little and “feel all the feels”. ( I’m creating a poster that says that for my practice.) I LOVE IT!"

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