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Celebrating 3 Years of Healing, Movement & Fun with PYW

This month Physio, Yoga & Wellness turns 3! As I reflect on the past few years, I am filled with gratitude. Thank you for being a part of Physio, Yoga & Wellness. To my patients, thank you for trusting me to be a part of your healing journey and beyond. To my casual followers, friends and family, thank you for your support. These 3 years have been so fulfilling, rewarding, and fun; I so am excited to see what the future holds!

A Brief History

It's no secret that finding high quality healthcare is hard. The typical American healthcare model only treats illness and injuries and fails to address overall happiness and wellness. Add in the complications of using health insurance, overbooked providers, and the unforeseen costs associated with care, and it's easy to let nagging issues continue to nag. PYW was started to fill the gap between injury care and wellness.  The aim is to promote optimal health via a holistic and biopsychosocial model through exercise, injury management and prevention, yoga, nervous system health, lifestyle choices, nutrition, and more.

Fun Facts

Fifteen years ago I graduated from the University of Florida with my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. The following 6 weeks were busy as I passed my board exams, road tripped from Florida to Colorado and set up a new home base, and started my first professional job on my 24th birthday! Several job changes, a move to Alaska and back to Colorado, A LOT of continuing education, a full month in near silence to become a yoga teacher, and a 1.5 year sabbatical in Thailand has made these past 15 years fly by.

UF DPT graduation May 2009
May 5th, 2009 @ University of Florida

Get Up To Date with PYW

A New Class at Denver Athletic Club

Starting Tuesday, May 7th, this weekly class will focus on mobility and proper strength training biomechanics. Similar to my other class offerings at the DAC, this class is focused on injury prevention to keep you moving, playing, and having fun painfree

Colfax 10 miler

It has been over 10 years since I joined Denver's largest running weekend event. This will be my first attempt racing the 10 mile distance and I'm ready to run fast (and hopefully get onto the podium) on May 19th! Learn more about the Colfax Marathon weekend here.

Yoga for Dizziness

Dizziness can come in many forms such as spinning, feeling "pulled" to one side, a general sensation of feeling "off", woozy, lightheaded, and so many more.  Yoga can help reduce many types of dizziness through nervous system grounding, repetitive movements that promote habituation, and by improving strength and balance. Get started today with a variety of on-demand movement and meditation videos.


Love Your Brain - a non-profit organization that improves the quality of life of people affected by traumatic brain injury and raises awareness about the importance of brain health.

The Concussion Community - helping people reduce symptoms and live life to the fullest by providing support and knowledge specifically related to concussions from 84 experts, along with a strong community.

Denver Holistic Health Collective - a collection of independent health & wellness practitioners in Denver on a mission to make vibrant health accessible to all through collaboration among holistic health providers, community education and outreach, and integrative clinical care.

Fullscript - a platform for personalized treatment planning, active wellness support, and top-quality supplements. Healthcare rooted in prevention, centered around wellness, and essential for disease management.

Balance Works - Coming Soon! An online hub of information by experts in the field to help people suffering from dizziness and vestibular ailments.

Jessica Klain Physical Therapist & Yoga Instructor Denver Colorado

Dr Jessica Klain PT, DPT, COMT, CSCS, OCS, CNPT

Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS)

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist (COMT)

Certified Nutritional Physical Therapist (CNPT)

Certified Vestibular Specialist

Certified Concussion Specialist

Trigger Point Dry Needling Certified, Level 1&2

Certified Yoga Teacher

University of Florida, Doctorate in Physical Therapy (2009)

The Ohio State University, Bachelor of Science in Biology (2006)

Call/text: 720-295-0060


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