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Celebrating ONE Year!

Physio, Yoga & Wellness turns ONE this month! I'm still not sure what is more surprising - the fact that I started a business, or the fact that I opened the doors of PYW in Denver a full year ago! My journey to becoming a business owner was much less planned and thought out as compared to my process of becoming a physical therapist.

My Journey

Becoming a PT is a journey that requires a lot of planning and patience, years of studying, and resiliency in the education and healthcare system. My initial career goal was to work in a "normal" outpatient clinic helping active people recover from injury while connecting on shared interests. It wasn't until 2020, when a long vacation turned into a life sabbatical and then evolved into a mid-life retirement (thanks pandemic!) that I started brainstorming about starting an "untraditional" physical therapy practice. I wanted my practice to be built around my healthcare vision and values: bridging the gap between injury care and life-long health and wellness habits.

My Why

I've always loved being a physical therapist, but after 12+ years of working as a PT, the healthcare system and insurance regulations were wearing me down. I didn't realize how much this was taking a toll on me (and my ability to practice the way I wanted to) until I stepped away and had the opportunity to reflect. Due to the pandemic, my well thought out 3 month career break stretched into 14 months. This extra time allowed me the space to build a business that represents everything that is important to me. It also gave me the opportunity to learn some basics about business - something that was not covered in PT school and something I had not taken interest in during my undergraduate studies. Learning about business is a big undertaking but I am lucky to have an uncle who is a college professor of entrepreneurship, as well as connections to a women led physical therapist entrepreneur group based on Denver, and endless podcasts and blogs presented by PTs who've started their own practices.

How I Started

With endless free time, a sense of direction, and the mindset to build a business founded in my vision, Physio Yoga & Wellness was born! This past year has been interesting, challenging, and fantastic all at the same time. Running a business is not what I expected; I think it's actually better. A key component of this is hiring a small team of people to do what they do best which allows me to do the things I do best. Without my CPA, marketing help, and business lawyer, my business life would be much more complicated, and much less enjoyable.

How It's Going

Physio, Yoga & Wellness started with my vision, but it has been successful due to the support of friends, family, and clients. To everyone that has been part of the journey this last year, thank you!

Dr Jessica Klain PT, DPT, COMT, CSCS, OCS, CNPT

Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS)

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist (COMT)

Certified Nutritional Physical Therapist (CNPT)

Certified Vestibular Specialist

Certified Concussion Specialist

Trigger Point Dry Needling Certified, Level 1&2

Certified Yoga Teacher

University of Florida, Doctorate in Physical Therapy (2009)

The Ohio State University, Bachelor of Science in Biology (2006)

Call/text: 720-295-0060


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