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How Direct Access Physical Therapy (in Colorado) Can Help You

You're hurt - now what? Finding healthcare providers can be complicated: do you need a referral, who is the best person to see, and how much will it cost are all common questions when searching for help. Sometimes these barriers limit speedy care and can ultimately interfere with your recovery. With the summer days getting shorter and fewer, it's essential to maximize your health ASAP!

Read more about how direct access to physical therapy reduces healthcare costs:

In Colorado, direct access to physical therapy is the answer to those aches, pains, and injuries! Direct access allows you to schedule an appointment and see a physical therapist without the need for a physician referral. This means less out of pocket cost to you (no need to pay for a doctor's appointment) and reduces the time to receive the care you need (sometimes you can book a PT evaluation the same day!).

Learn more about direct access in Colorado here:

Physical therapists (PTs) are musculoskeletal experts, many with doctorate level education. (All current physical therapy programs require a Bachelors degree AND a Doctorate degree along with passing a national board exam.) PTs are trained to determine if your pain and injury falls outside the scope of physical therapy treatment. If this is the case, your PT will refer you to another provider for additional testing and evaluation. In Colorado, your PT can refer you for x-ray imaging in certain scenarios (

For simple musculoskeletal injuries like ankle sprains, low back "giving" out, whiplash, or a "crick" in your neck, a few physical therapy sessions (plus a home exercise program) can get you back to doing what you love quickly. Other ailments such as concussion, chronic low back pain, rotator cuff ailments, or headaches may require a longer period of care along with a multi-disciplinary, multi-provider care team. Your physical therapist will be able to help you coordinate your care and communicate with the other providers to help you maximize your healing in the most efficient way.

Common direct access ailments Physio, Yoga & Wellness sees:

  • Concussion

  • Vestibular/dizziness

  • Headaches

  • Whiplash

  • Low back pain

  • Running injuries (knee pain, patellofemoral pain, hip pain, hip labrum dysfunction, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, etc.)

  • Mountain biking injuries (wrist pain, shoulder pain, thoracic outlet syndrome)

To schedule an in-person visit in Denver, CO or a virtual visit (available globally) visit:

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